Because sales is not my primary interest I have decided that I do not want to get into the business of offering a range of print sizes and mounting options. 

That said, I view my photography as an art form, and the process of making an image from its original capture through an editing procedure to a finished picture that you may wish to own and live with for a period takes time and skill. It is this that I believe any artist is entitled to make a charge for.

So, for example, in this picture the large image was actually a photo taken of a small tray in a shop window, The original item was about 35cm (15") long and so enlarging it up to almost 120cm required resolution change to avoid loss of clarity.

The image is printed professionally on foam board which is currently my favoured medium for the smart modern look that seems to sit off the wall surface without visible hanging.

There are any number of companies who will print and enlarge your holiday photos but for a quality print on board, aluminium or canvas that will not fade over time my preferred one is CEWE Photoworld


Large prints are not cheap but you do get what you pay for and the above firm will do bespoke dimensions of your choice which is unusual.

pic 1.jpg