So How is this going to work?   


I will sell an unwatermarked digital file from which you are entitled to make as many prints as you wish but only for your      PERSONAL use and not for any commercial purpose. The copyright will always remain with me as the author of the work.

1. Select an image, decide approximately what size you intend to have printed. Send me details of the image title and intended size using the contact form above.

2. I will advise if it is available in the desired resolution and if available quote the price for a digital image file.

Image sizes up to A3. .supplied by e-mail.....£7.00

Larger Images:   Choose an image  -  Let me know what size you are hoping to have printed.  -  I will then convert the image to the correct resolution and send the image by email..£20.00


Payment will be required by bank credit transfer once you confirm an order and before the file(s) is/are sent to you.

I will keep a record of all sales and if by any chance you should need the image file again I will supply it free of any further charge