Having set up the PEOPLE, PLACES AND MODELLING sections I still had a number of images that I wanted to include but that didn't really fit within those descriptions. For example, I have a bit of a thing about texture, shape and colour which I often photograph as abstract images, so they needed a home. I am also pretty keen on cars - mostly fast and sporty or old and interesting. The natural world also intrigues me so I tend to photograph fungi, leaves, tree bark and so on.

More sections within sections would have become too complex hence a MISC slot for stuff that I want to share but which doesn't fit elsewhere.

Climping Beach- Storm Damage
Climping Beach
Bracket fungus on dead pine trunk
Leaf Litter
Bedham chapel
Lovely texture on birch bark
Worked stone
Seeds ready to disperse
Wild blackberries
Weathered Concrete
Weathered timber shed
Painted stone
Stubble Field at Kingley Vale
Ripe seeds
Thistle seeds ready to fly
Summer bales
Boxgrove Priory church
A night's work
Natural symmetry
Dark Rickety bridge
Ferrari at Goodwood
Bracket fungus on Birch trunk
Grotto at Painshill Park
West Dean Gardens near Singleton, West Sussex
Lichen on Hawthorn
Superb bloom
Photographers love a bit of decay.
Split End
More weathered oak
Texture and pattern
Big stones
Forest Floor
More weathered stone
Poppy seed head
New life
On the turn
2014 - Tower of London
Poppies in centenary tribute
Music in the making
In or Out?
Weathered rock
Opportunist fern
French clogs
Falls on river Arize
Colour and pattern
Mirepoix Market display
Passing bus
Nov 5th
Old boat
Another seed head
Exotic fern
Fly Agaric mushroom
Canfranc Station
Biker Art 1
Biker Art 2
Black and white Dahlia ?
A rainbow of spoons
East Beach Cafe Littlehampton
Empty Room
The iconic Vulcan
Before and after
Sweet Chestnut
What Mallard
Market Stall 1
Market Stall 2
Market Stall 3
Market Stall 4
Market Stall 5
Market Stall 6