I've been interested in both the style and construction methods of building for as long as I can remember. The wide variety of styles through the ages have fascinated me as has their history and development. It is intriguing how the geology or natural history of an area are reflected in the construction materials one finds and how that too varies over time according to changes in skills and available technology.

Also of course, the history can be fascinating and to that extent individual strictures often have a story to tell.

So for me, stone or timber, ancient or modern, urban or rural, artistically flamboyant or utilitarian; all buildings have their special interest.

Espinama - Asturias, Spain
Covarrubias, Spain -1
Covarrubias, Spain - 2
The Skye road bridge
Chimneys at Albury in Surrey
St Peter and St Paul - Albury Park
Shoreham Airport
Guildford Castle Keep
Paris bridge
Notre Dame Paris
Pompidou Centre Paris
Estacion Canfranc
West Dean College
Guildford Cathedral
The Causeway, Horsham
Elbe Tunnel - Hamburg
Former dock buildings in Hamburg
Old Hamburg docks
Hamburg architecture
Brianseye - Architecture (43)
Brianseye - Architecture (44)
Brianseye - Architecture (42)
Brianseye - Architecture (41)
Brianseye - Architecture (40)
Brianseye - Architecture (39)
Hamburg Docks
Hamburg City Hall
Bonar Bridge Scotland
Spinnaker Tower
Guggenheim - Bilbao
Cinque Terre - Italy
Lucca - Italy
Bexhill on Sea
Bexhill on Sea
Wales - new sports hall
School interior architecture - Guildford
Gaudi Chimneys
Don Quixote windmill
Belfast 2019
Waterfront Hall - Belfast
Old Church
Sheffield Park
Boxgrove Priory
Bradford on Avon
Scotney Castle - Kent
Halnaker Windmill near Chichester
Winchcombe, Glos
The Roman baths in Bath
Pulteney Bridge, Bath
Bath city, Somerset
Royal Crescent, Bath