Whether you have navigated here intentionally or simply stumbled upon me in error, welcome to Brianseye; my photographic view of the world around me and the occasional few words (or rant !*!*!*) when the fancy or the red mist takes me. I gather that's called blogging. I may not always be very PC but will try not to offend.

Me in Petra.jpg

Although I've included a sales tab above, these pages are less about me trying to flog my pictures but much more about having somewhere to share them and perhaps talk a little about how they came to be.

Should you by chance see an image that you would like, most are available in high enough resolution to have printed up as wall art. Those shown on the site are mostly watermarked and of very low resolution so are unlikely to print if copied. Please respect my copyright and just ask for more info if you need.

So please feel free to explore and let me know what you think

This is me being intrepid in Jordan

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