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Hooray, I'm a blogger !!!!

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

(And this is the first post which is better than 'the last post' I guess)

So, as I said on the Home page this site is not so much about selling images or photography services but rather creating a space to share my images with anyone who might be interested and it has been a while in the making.

Not exactly the most propitious time to announce anything given that everyone is so preoccupied with finding the next bale of loo rolls or hand wash or even if we are going to be allowed outside at all thanks to this wretched virus.

Maybe another way of looking at it is that as we are all now so house-bound with nothing for company but family and the internet, a little photographic sortie to some faraway places and some not so far might be just what we need by way of a little diversion.

So, on that basis I give you BRIANSEYE, my new photographic website.

Please have a good browse around the various galleries. I hope you find something of interest and I will be pleased to hear any comments or observations you may have which you can send in via the contact page.

ON the ABOUT page I did mention that in addition to photography I do a bit of writing which so far has taken the form of a couple of memoirs with a third about half written. In coming blogs I intend to publish some excerpts from my books which, if I say it my self, are both interesting and amusing and have met with some good reviews. Sufficient for the moment perhaps to simply say a brief word about how they came to be written.

The first started out as just a few notes and stories about my young life that I put together for my children. In order to help with turning the notes into something more resembling an actual book I enrolled in a writing group where I was assisted regarding structure and layout and encouraged to go for publication. As it soon became obvious to me that unless you are famous or infamous getting published in todays world is almost impossible, I decided to self-publish and so 'Stepping Out from Ashtead' was born (Ashtead being the Surrey village where I grew up)

The book covers my first twenty post-war years growing up in Surrey between 1944 and 1964 and is published on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback form. Understandably it includes a lot of pretty childish pranks, some fairly hair-raising escapades, teenage boundary testing and early sexual encounters.

It also includes my early working life in electro-chemical research, six months right round the globe as a steward with P&O (picture right) and my first brief period in the police, both of which were very steep learning curves for a fairly sheltered catholic lad from leafy Surrey.

My second memoir covers my main police career with the Surrey force following a brief period as a car salesman in the 1960's which was a rather 'Arfur Daly' experience. By its nature and timing a rather more serious work than the first book as I was also married by then. It nevertheless also contains a lot of entertaining anecdotes from those years and the subsequent police years where I lift the lid on quite a lot the general public don't know about life on the blue line. Called 'Until The Lights Went Out' it is also on Amazon.

So until the next time, many thanks for dropping by and I wish you the best of health in the difficult times we currently face.

Thanks again for checking in here.

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